Our Key Competencies

1. Globalization Processes

We identify, develop and implement the model for our clients’ success, working alongside key executives to communicate and execute strategies that will ensure financial gains and reduce the risks associated with global expansion.

2. Leveraging the Power of Globalization

Global Directors Group releases the power of globalization for our clients by anticipating business trends, uncovering the reasons why seismic shifts in markets occur and working with clients to create strategies and execute the tactics that allow them to stay ahead of the competitive curve and deliver shareholder value.

3. Business Integration

Global Directors Group optimizes all aspects of your business and focuses the organization’s talents and resources to secure your established goals. We harmonize human and financial capital resources to achieve results.

4. Mergers & Acquisitions and Joint Venture Relationship Management

Global Directors Group understands the significant issues and problems that plague joint ventures when intended partners are vastly dissimilar in geography, culture, language and capability. We strengthen interpersonal relationships on both sides of the venture and help coordinate the teamwork necessary to deliver exceptional team results.

5. Key Leadership Review and Global Management Capability Assessment

We assess our clients’ high-potential talent pool and match capabilities and skill sets to optimize ongoing managerial and leadership strength.


Global Professional Services 



Global Directors Group understands the significant issues and problems that plague acquisitions and joint ventures when intended partners are vastly dissimilar in geography, culture, language, and expectations. From managing associate styles and relationships to identifying “must keep” talent and integrating best practices, GDG promotes synergetic thinking and teamwork to deliver full stakeholder value.

We work with our clients internally throughout the due diligence and corporate integration processes to secure a well-thought-out strategic plan, full synergy value extraction and flawless tactical execution, and in managing relations with major customers and Government agencies to ensure regulatory and legal compliance.


Global Directors Group brings an experienced team of professionals to assist companies with their corporate finance needs, including identifying investment opportunities, evaluating financial needs, structuring transactions, and building relationships with international financial institutions and multilateral and public sector institutions when needed. Global Directors Group also advises companies on operational and financial issues, including debt restructuring, divestitures, funding, and project finance, among others.


Working in tandem with our clients’ corporate leadership, Global Directors Group provides forensic assistance to corporate entities in need of operational improvement by identifying sub-standard and underperforming operational issues and recommending corrective measures to management practices and sustainable financial health.


Global Directors Group believes that top-line revenue growth must always deliver increasing shareholder value. Our executives focus on looking beyond top-line growth to identify redundant, obsolete, and non-productive elements in the managerial and operational processes. This involves rigorous identification of non-value components and elimination from the system.


 At Global Directors Group, we believe that Total Quality Management (TQM) is an essential business strategy that is critical for business success. TQM is based on a company-wide process that requires every member of the organization to be committed to creating a climate of continuous improvement and maintaining high standards in every aspect of the organization’s activities. TQM requires every element of a company to be a quality function.

ISO 9000 and its related standards introduce a consistent quality approach. It is essential to be able to harmonize customer and supplier expectations on a global basis to ensure full understanding of all elements involved in the supply chain. Effective system audits are a vital element of this process.


Capable of professional communication in English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Dutch, French and Portuguese.



Global Directors Group LLC is an advisory firm. Global Directors Group LLC is not a brokerage firm nor does it conduct any brokerage activities..