About Us

We are a unique team of seasoned professional advisors who believe that aspirational business goals are achievable through fundamental strategies and flawless execution. We adhere to our core principles of ethics, integrity, compliance and accountability in all we do for our clients.  

Chairman Manuel A. Agudo founded Global Directors Group LLC to focus on assisting visionary companies in growing and prospering through discovery, exploration and realization of global business goals beyond their natural geographical borders. We firmly believe in a world of endless market expansion and business opportunity, and Global Directors Group’s professionals work hand in hand with our clients to discover and deliver business prospects around the world, whether organically or through mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures or other new market modalities that enhance shareholder value creation.

Whether we are assisting on mapping globalization strategies, negotiating global mergers and acquisitions    and joint ventures alignments or managing integration of culturally disparate managerial styles and organizational structures, Global Directors Group LLC works intimately with our client companies and their stakeholders as Senior Advisors or in Interim Executive roles to discover, acquire, integrate and deliver revenue, earnings growth and value creation opportunities across the globe

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Global Directors Group LLC is an advisory firm. Global Directors Group LLC is not a brokerage firm nor does it conduct any brokerage activities..